How to contribute#

Welcome to aeon’s contributing guide!

We value all kinds of contributions - not just code. For a detailed overview of current and future work, check out our roadmap.

We are particularly motivated to support new contributors and people who are looking to learn and develop their skills.

Recommended steps for first time contributors, or to get started with regular contributions:

  1. Say hello (in the contributors channel on Slack)!

  2. Get set up for development, see instructions in the developer guide.

  3. Pick a good first issue to work on from this list suggestion: pick something small with simple content to learn the “process”

  4. Feel free to attend the regular community meetings (see schedule on Slack)


If you get stuck, chat with us on Slack.

Developer Guide

aeon developer guide.


aeon developer installation guide.

Enhancement Proposals

aeon enhancement proposals.

Reporting Bugs

aeon reporting bugs.

Reviewer Guide

aeon reviewer guide.

Acknowledging contributions#

We follow the all-contributors specification and recognize various types of contributions. Take a look at our past and current contributors!

If you are a new contributor, make sure we add you to our list of contributors. All contributions are recorded in .all-contributorsrc.


If we have missed anything, please raise an issue or chat with us on Slack.