Functions to load and write datasets.

load_classification(name[, split, ...])

Load a classification dataset.

load_forecasting(name[, extract_path, ...])

Download/load forecasting problem from

load_regression(name[, split, extract_path, ...])

Download/load regression problem from

load_from_tsfile(full_file_path_and_name[, ...])

Load time series .ts file into X and (optionally) y.


Convert the contents in a .tsf file into a dataframe.


Load data from a classification/regression WEKA arff file to a 3D numpy array.


Load data from a .tsv file into a numpy array.


Download and unpack all of the Monash TSER datasets.

write_to_tsfile(X, path[, y, problem_name, ...])

Write an aeon collection of time series to text file in .ts format.

write_results_to_uea_format(estimator_name, ...)

Write the predictions for an experiment in the standard format used by aeon.


Load the airline univariate time series dataset [1].

load_arrow_head([split, return_X_y, return_type])

Load the ArrowHead univariate time series classification problem.

load_gunpoint([split, return_X_y, return_type])

Load the GunPoint univariate time series classification problem.

load_osuleaf([split, return_X_y, return_type])

Load the OSULeaf univariate time series classification problem.

load_italy_power_demand([split, return_X_y, ...])

Load ItalyPowerDemand univariate time series classification problem.

load_basic_motions([split, return_X_y, ...])

Load the BasicMotions time series classification problem.

load_japanese_vowels([split, return_X_y, ...])

Load the JapaneseVowels time series classification problem.


Load the shampoo sales univariate time series dataset for forecasting.


Load the Longley dataset for forecasting with exogenous variables.


Load the lynx univariate time series dataset for forecasting.

load_acsf1([split, return_X_y, return_type])

Load the ACSF1 univariate dataset on power consumption of typical appliances.


Load MTS dataset for forecasting Growth rates of personal consumption and income.


Load the US Macroeconomic Data [R5ccedc3bfa7b-1].

load_solar([start, end, normalise, ...])

Get national solar estimates for GB from Sheffield Solar PV_Live API.