Enhancement Proposals#


An aeon enhancement proposal (AEP) is a software design document providing information to the aeon community. The proposal should provide a rationale and concise technical specification of proposed design.

We collect and discuss proposals in aeon’s AEP repository.

We intend AEPs to be the primary mechanisms for proposing major changes, for collecting community input on an issue, and for documenting the design decisions that have gone into aeon. Smaller changes can be discussed and implemented directly on issues and pull requests.

Submitting a AEP#

To create a new AEP, please copy and use template and open a pull request on the repository.

It is highly recommended that a single AEP contains a single key proposal or new idea. The more focused the proposal, the more successful it tends to be. If in doubt, split your AEP into several well-focused ones.

A AEP should be a consolidated document, including:

  • a concise problem statement,

  • a clear description of the proposed solution,

  • a comparison with alternative solutions.