Time series segmentation involves partitioning a series into regions that are dissimilar to neighboring regions. The aeon.segmentation module contains algorithms and tools for time series segmentation.

BaseSegmenter([n_segments, axis])

Base class for segmentation algorithms.

InformationGainSegmenter([k_max, step])

Information Gain based Temporal Segmentation (GTS) Estimator.

GreedyGaussianSegmenter([k_max, lamb, ...])

Greedy Gaussian Segmentation Estimator.

EAggloSegmenter([member, alpha, penalty])

Hierarchical agglomerative estimation of multiple change points.

HMMSegmenter(emission_funcs, transition_prob_mat)

Implements a simple HMM fitted with Viterbi algorithm.

HidalgoSegmenter([metric, K, zeta, q, ...])

Heteregeneous Intrinsic Dimensionality Algorithm (Hidalgo) model.