Papers using Aeon#

This is a list of papers that use aeon. If you have a paper that uses aeon, please add it to this list by sending a pull request. Please include a hyperlink to the paper and a link to the code in your personal GitHub or other repository.


  • Middlehurst, M. and Schäfer, P. and Bagnall, A. (2023). Bake off redux: a review and experimental evaluation of recent time series classification algorithms. ArXiv. []


  • Holder, C., Middlehurst, M. and Bagnall, A. (2023). A review and evaluation of elastic distance functions for time series clustering. Knowledge and Information Systems.

  • Holder, C., Guijo-Rubio, D. and Bagnall, A. (2003). Clustering time series with k-medoids based algorithms. 8th AALTD Workshop at ECML/PKDD. []


  • Guijo-Rubio, D., Middlehurst, M., Arcencio, G., Silva, D. and Bagnall, A. (2023). Unsupervised Feature Based Algorithms for Time Series Extrinsic Regression. ArXiv. []