Plotting utlities for time series.

plot_series(*series[, labels, markers, ...])

Plot one or more time series.

plot_lags(series[, lags, suptitle])

Plot one or more lagged versions of a time series.

plot_correlations(series[, lags, alpha, ...])

Plot series and its ACF and PACF values.

plot_critical_difference(scores, labels[, ...])

Plot the average ranks and cliques based on the method described in [Rbf00f587966d-1].

plot_boxplot_median(results, labels[, ...])

Plot a box plot of distributions from the median.

plot_scatter_predictions(y, y_pred[, title])

Plot a scatter that compares actual and predicted values for a given dataset.

plot_cluster_algorithm(model, X, k)

Plot the results from a univariate partitioning algorithm.