About us#


The roles are described in scikit-time’s Governance document. A list of all contributors can be found here.

Community Council#

The community council currently has no sitting members while we discuss governance for the project.

Code of Conduct Committee#

The code of conduct committee maintains the code of conduct and handles any issues related that arise.

Core Developers#

The core developers push forward aeon’s development and maintain the package.

Pre-fork Core Developers#

The following listed contributors were part of the sktime core developer team at some point prior to our split from the project.

sktime v0.16.0 core developers


aeon was started in January 2023 as a fork of the sktime project by 8 core developers using v0.16.0 as a base.


High quality PNG, JPG and EPS logos are available are located in the docs/images/logo/ directory on GitHub.

The logo was designed by Reni Rahayu via crowdspring.


aeon is a community-driven project. However, institutional and private grants help to ensure its sustainability.

The project developers would like to thank the following funders.

The UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funds Matthew Middlehurst (@matthewmiddlehurst) and Tony Bagnall (@TonyBagnall) since 2022


Pre-fork funding#

As a fork of the sktime project, aeon has benefited from funding given to sktime prior to our split. We would like to thank the funders from before the split.

sktime v0.16.0 funders

The Alan Turing Institute funded three months of the initial development under the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund.


Markus Löning’s (@mloning) contributions between 2019 and 2021 were supported by the UKRI Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), the Enrichment Scheme at the The Alan Turing Institute, and the JROST Rapid Response Fund, a community effort of Invest in Open Infrastructure.

https://esrc.ukri.org https://www.cdrc.ac.uk https://turing.ac.uk/

Mercedes-Benz AG/Daimler AG donated 2500 EUR to support the maintenance and development of sktime in 2021, as part of their FOSS program.



The 2019 joint sktime/MLJ development sprint was kindly hosted by UCL and The Alan Turing Institute. Some participants could attend thanks to the initial funding of the The Alan Turing Institute.


Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Major League Hacking and Outreachy have all sponsored sktime internships.

The Wellcome Trust sponsored one sktime internship as part of Outreachy.


GitHub ID



Katie Buchhorn


Google Summer of Code


Mirae Parker


Google Summer of Code


Shivansh Subramanian


Google Summer of Code


Guzal Bulatova




Svea Marie Meyer


Google Summer of Code via INCF



We would also like to thank GitHub Actions and ReadtheDocs for the free compute time on their servers and documentation hosting.