Time series clustering#

The aeon.clustering module contains algorithms for time series clustering.

All clusterers in aeon``can be listed using the ``aeon.registry.all_estimators utility, using estimator_types="clusterer", optionally filtered by tags. Valid tags can be listed using aeon.registry.all_tags.

Clustering models#

TimeSeriesKMeans([n_clusters, ...])

Time series K-means clustering algorithm.

TimeSeriesKMedoids([n_clusters, ...])

Time series K-medoids implementation.

TimeSeriesKShapes([n_clusters, ...])

Kshape algorithm wrapper tslearns implementation.

TimeSeriesKernelKMeans([n_clusters, kernel, ...])

Kernel algorithm wrapper tslearns implementation.



Abstract base class for time series clusterer.

TimeSeriesLloyds([n_clusters, ...])

Abstact class that implements time series Lloyds algorithm.