Utility functions

aeon has a number of modules dedicated to utilities:

  • aeon.pipeline, which contains generics for pipeline construction.

  • aeon.registry, which contains utilities for estimator and tag search.

  • aeon.utils, which contains generic utility functions.

Pipeline construction


Pipeline maker utility.


Create a pipeline from estimators of any type.


Coerces an sklearn estimator to the aeon pipeline interface.

Estimator Search and Retrieval, Estimator Tags


Implements registry for aeon estimator base classes and tags.

all_estimators([estimator_types, ...])

Get a list of all estimators from aeon.

all_tags([estimator_types, as_dataframe])

Get a list of all tags from aeon.

check_tag_is_valid(tag_name, tag_value)

Check validity of a tag value.

Estimator Validity Checking


Estimator checker for extension.

check_estimator(estimator[, ...])

Run all tests on one single estimator.

Data Validation Tools


Validation and checking functions for time series.