Load the lynx univariate time series dataset for forecasting.


Lynx sales dataset


The annual numbers of lynx trappings for 1821–1934 in Canada. This time-series records the number of skins of predators (lynx) that were collected over several years by the Hudson’s Bay Company. The dataset was taken from Brockwell & Davis (1991) and appears to be the series considered by Campbell & Walker (1977).

Dimensionality: univariate Series length: 114 Frequency: Yearly Number of cases: 1

This data shows aperiodic, cyclical patterns, as opposed to periodic, seasonal patterns.



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work on the Mackenzie River series of annual Canadian lynx trappings for the years 1821–1934 and a new analysis. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society series A, 140, 411–431.


>>> from aeon.datasets import load_lynx
>>> y = load_lynx()