write_results_to_uea_format(estimator_name, dataset_name, y_pred, output_path, full_path=True, y_true=None, predicted_probs=None, split='TEST', resample_seed=0, timing_type='N/A', first_line_comment=None, second_line='No Parameter Info', third_line='N/A')[source]#

Write the predictions for an experiment in the standard format used by aeon.


Name of the object that made the predictions, written to file and can deterimine file structure of output_root is True


name of the problem the classifier was built on


predicted values


Path where to put results. Either a root path, or a full path

full_pathboolean, default = True

If False, then the standard file structure is created. If false, results are written directly to the directory passed in output_path

y_truenp.array, default = None

Actual values, written to file with the predicted values if present

predicted_probsnp.ndarray, default = None

Estimated class probabilities. If passed, these are written after the predicted values. Regressors should not pass anything

splitstr, default = “TEST”

Either TRAIN or TEST, depending on the results, influences file name.

resample_seedint, default = 0

Indicates what data

timing_typestr or None, default = None

The format used for timings in the file, i.e. Seconds, Milliseconds, Nanoseconds

first_line_commentstr or None, default = None

Optional comment appended to the end of the first line


unstructured, used for predictor parameters


summary performance information (see comment below)