write_to_arff_file(X, y, path, problem_name='sample_data', header=None, suffix='')[source]#

Write an aeon collection of time series to text file in .arff format.

Only compatible for classification-like problems with univariate equal length time series currently.

Xnp.ndarray (n_cases, n_channels, n_timepoints)

Collection of univariate time series with equal length.

y: ndarray

Discrete response variable.


Location of the directory to write file

problem_name: str, default=”Data”

The problem name to print in the header of the arff file and also the name of the file.

header: string, default=None

Optional text at the top of the file that is ignored when loading.

suffix: str or None, default=””

Addon at the end of the filename before the file extension, i.e. _TRAIN or _TEST.